Press Release

Jun 10, 2023

Stockholm, Sweden: VenturePort AB, a tech startup specialized in investor relations, is announcing the beta launch of its new online investor relations platform. The VenturePort platform is designed to make it easy for startups to keep investors happy, even when the news is bad.

VenturePort’s invite-only style private platform features an AI writing tool called “WordSmith” that makes it easy to create investor updates by answering a few simple prompts. This cuts down on writers block and makes it 5-10x faster than writing updates by-hand. VenturePort also features a totally done-for-you investor update service where we handle everything for creating updates for investors on a startups behalf.

Invite-only means startups can manage their investor relations in a secure, private network. The platform is built on Reactor Engine by Auga Technologies (a partial owner of VenturePort), a technical platform with information security certification and proven reliability. Reactor Engine is currently adopted by 100% of FTSE 100 companies.

Our WordSmith AI, fine-tuned for investor relations, can streamline the process of creating investor updates, making it easier for startups to keep investors informed and happy. By simply answering a few investor relations themed prompts, WordSmith AI reduces writer’s block and helps by providing well-written updates in a fraction of the time it would take to write them by hand.

Our done-for-you investor update service takes the stress out of creating updates for investors. VenturePort handles everything from writing the update to sending them out, giving startups more time and energy to focus on their business.

VenturePort is backed by Katalysen Ventures (our majority owner), a venture capital firm with a track record of successful investments in innovative technology companies. We are excited to bring our platform to the startup community and make managing investor relations easier than ever before.

Our private beta is launching soon and we’re currently accepting requests to sign-up for an invitation when the beta launches. To request an invitation, visit our website at