Katalysen & Partners presents VenturePort

An invite-only digital platform for Katalysen’s network of companies,
their shareholders and selected investors.

Together We Make Things Happen

VenturePort will become an invite-only digital network that generates value for its participants by leveraging connectivity and economies of scale that will allow VenturePort to increase the quality and contribution of each member and thus create even more utility for its participants.

Networks and our vision

Networks define the economy ever more and network orchestrators become ever more valuable. VenturePort’s vision is to become the network orchestrator for the leading community of stakeholders around private companies in the Nordics.

By providing a more robust and rigorous decision basis for investors ex ante and creating a medium where companies can keep shareholders updated of the ongoing business, VenturePort will seek to remedy the market inefficiencies in the private investment sector.

How it works


Allows to find funding, clients and stakeholders


Allows to stay informed, active and in control of ownership


Allows to find targets, information and co-investors

Company Eligibility:

● Basic Due Diligence performed by VenturePort
● Shareholder register and/or Cap table must be in order
● VenturePort has an equity stake

Would you like your journey to be easier?
Send us an email at vp@katalysen.com.